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For the last 13 years, Reach has been involved in creating simple but powerful business applications on the cloud for Indian Businesses. Backed by a strong management team and Sequoia Capital, we have been making slow but steady progress in our vision of empowering Indian businesses with world class business tools. TalcoSoft Technologies Pvt.Ltd is a rapidly growing Information Technology (IT) services company committed to providing cost-effective, high-quality solutions to its clients, in the field of windows & web application development based on the .net, and other platforms. We have a team of highly skilled and qualified professionals on ASP.NET 3.5, 4.0 , C#, VB.NET,MVC3, PHP and similar such technologies supported by the .net and open source platform.Be it design, development or testing, our professionals leave no stone unturned to ensure a flawless output.

Reach products are hosted on the Cloud and delivered to customers on a subscription model. Our Cloud platform saves cost and makes our products work like magic. It imports Bank Transactions automatically. It can have all your employees working on business data at the same time and allows you to check how your business is doing at the comfort of your home, or on the go during a holiday!

With over 13 years of experience and  large number of  customers worldwide, we know a thing or two about helping small and medium-sized businesses succeed. We’re TalcoSoft, Our offices are across India and we provide software for just about every industry.Our vision is to be recognized as the most valuable supporter of small and medium sized companies by creating greater freedom for them to succeed.We understand that local businesses want a provider that can deliver global technology advances and best practice, and will be here for the long-term. Our software and services are always evolving to respond to changing local legislation and technology.

The year 2007 saw the birth of a new Information Technology Company, TalcoSoft Technologies Pvt.Ltd. The company armed with a handful of talented and dedicated hardcore professionals, who have made their stamp in their respective fields in the Information Technology.In a short span of seven years, since stepping to the information technology arena, with the aim of contributing dedicated services in the IT field, today TalcoSoft Technologies Pvt.Ltd has become a name to reckon with.

Though we were contributing largely into the IT sector through our software development and customer relation services, it was only in 2007 we have become an exclusive web-based ERP solution company in IndiaAt a time when the world business sector in general and IT sector in particular were reeling under tremendous financial crunch due to economic recession, it is our dedicated commitment to fulfill our customers’ unhindered growth makes us the most reliable services providers in the country.

We dedicate our success to our well trained and experienced professionals comprising software project managers, project leaders, Chartered Accountants and management graduates, apart from our valued customers.”Our Mission is to establish TalcoSoft Technologies Pvt.Ltd. as a premier software solutions company, dedicated to innovative and new technology, which always wanted to provide the best solutions to its client. TalcoSoft Technologies Pvt.Ltd built its reputation on a simple premise and has never strayed from it: to forge client partnerships by offering innovation and the highest level of customer satisfaction. By remaining true to its core values of integrity, dedication, hard work, creativity, efficiency and industry domain knowledge .

To become a developed nation, we must first ensure that we are a healthy nation, and Zepcure is committed to battling the NCD epidemic to ensure the youth of our nation remains healthy and can accelerate our nation’s development.

But there is much more to be done, and I believe we are just getting started. Over the next 4 decades, we will work towards making healthcare more proactive and preventive. In fact, our measure of success would be if you never need to visit a hospital at all.

We’ve made significant investments in this area with ProHealth. It is a unique program that combines artificial intelligence, cutting-edge diagnostics and physician evaluation to provide you insights into your health risks as well as a personalised path to prevention.

Our Prime Minister’s clarion call for ‘Heal in India’ is a great endorsement and a signal that the world needs a new vision for healthcare. A system that is holistic. A system that is proactive and a system that optimises quality of life. I believe India, with its heritage of holistic healthcare, can take the lead in providing this new system of care to the world. Patients from over 150 countries come to India for treatment that is at par with western countries at a fraction of the cost. With the ‘Heal in India’ initiative, I am sure we will have the opportunity to serve many more people from around the world right here in India.

Instead of the traditional models of family-owned, corporate-funded and controlled or advertising-driven newspapers, websites and TV channels, can we reimagine the media as a joint venture in the public sphere between journalists, readers and a concerned citizenry? One in which decisions over what to cover and how, who to hire and where to send a correspondent or photographer, are taken by editors on the basis of professional judgment, without worrying about what a proprietor or politician, official or advertiser might think or want.

In a democracy, this is the least that readers or viewers expect. And yet, the business model that underpins most Indian news media seldom allows editors the freedom they need. Worse, it has slowly eroded professional standards of reporting and contaminated the media ecosystem with toxic practices like rampant editorialising, paid news and ‘private treaties’. Increasingly, media houses are reluctant to spend money on news-gathering; and as they develop secondary

business interests and ‘no go areas’ proliferate, their newsrooms suffer further collateral damage – especially as these interests often depend on proximity to politicians and bureaucrats. Is it any wonder that readers have begun to notice the erosion of professional standards, ethical breaches and fall in quality? They now feel shortchanged.

The founding premise of Vyom TV is this: if good journalism is to survive and thrive, it can only do so by being both editorially and financially independent. This means relying principally on contributions from readers and concerned citizens who have no interest other than to sustain a space for quality journalism.


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